A leader with no shortage of personal and professional shifts under his belt, digital media guru Bruce Daisley astutely lobbied to lead YouTube when no other Google UK leaders seemed to care about it and subsequently brought his passion for leadership and culture to run EMEA for Twitter. While overseeing big growth there, he also launched his podcast Eat Sleep Work Repeat, now the #1 business podcast in the UK. Bruce recently left Twitter to pursue these passions full-time, timed with the publication of the U.S. version of his Sunday Times best-selling book, Eat Sleep Work Repeat: 30 Hacks for Bringing Joy to Your Job. Tune in to hear the advice he would have given his team if he were still leading them during this anxious time of covid-19, the importance of connecting via ‘analog’ means like the phone, the secret sauce of high performance teams – psychological safety, and inspiring stories of straight talk that separate the person from the problem.

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