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September 18, 2017


NEW YORK, September 18, 2017 – Leaders who have been waiting for a leadership book that cuts to the chase with direct guidance on becoming a stronger manager can turn to Shani Magosky’s newly released “The Better Boss Blueprint.” Shani’s candid guide to workplace leadership, born from her desire for “better boss ubiquity,” cuts through the BS, clutter and the standard “old, white-guy discourses” to provide easy-to-apply tools for leaders. Framed by personal anecdotes of Shani’s extensive experience witnessing both good and bad bosses in action, the book highlights ten simple commitments that propel better bosses to succeed.

The Better Boss Blueprint

“It starts with getting your own sh*t together,” Shani writes. “…and then delves into a variety of practical topics to help you be a more effective boss of others, ultimately creating an empowering and results-oriented culture in which everyone thrives – you, other leaders, employees, customers, vendors and all stakeholders.”

The Better Boss Blueprint” offers insight and applicable tools, such as checklists and “Better Boss Baby Steps,” to help professionals improve their leadership style. The book offers new practical commitments to better leadership in each of the 10 chapters, starting with a pledge to “Work Continuously on Having My Own Shit Together” and ending with a call to “Sustain the Right Culture” after implementing the rest of the commitments toward improved management.

“A better boss can change an environment, and a better environment can change everything. Yet most people were never taught how to lead effectively,” Shani says. “What you’ll find in this book are lots of practical tips and tools to make that happen – not just the ‘what to do,’ but just as importantly, the ‘how to do it.’”

About Shani Magosky

McKinsey-style expertise, IKEA-like simplicity, and John Stewart-esque irreverence is what you get with leadership development consultant Shani Magosky. She founded The LeaderShift Project based on years of experience working with leaders at all levels and a desire to change organizations by helping people become better bosses – of others and themselves. For more information see www.theleadershiftproject.com.

Magosky’s repertoire of leadership expertise started at Chase Manhattan Bank, followed by Goldman Sachs, where she worked in New York and Chicago with a number of global clients. Shani then took on a General Manager position of a media startup outlet and drove the business to success. She went on to work as the COO/CFO of a virtual marketing firm specializing in legal marketing. There, she developed necessary management skills for working with virtual and multi-generational teams.

Her clients include a range of Fortune-recognized companies, tech startups, entrepreneurs, universities and non-profits.

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